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Our rescue started out dealing primarily with feral cat colonies; working in the veterinary field, I came to realize what a tremendous need there was for a reputable, competent rescue to take action and make a difference in the lives of all of these feral and/or stray animals.  All of our rescues are true rescues. They come from all walks of life; feral colonies, strays from an alleyway or simply abandoned, unwanted or neglected pets.

We believe that all animals deserve a 2nd chance at a warm loving home, or for some, even their 1st chance, what I like to call “the luckiest day of their lives!”  Many of these animals would never have a chance of surviving if not for rescues.

It is our goal to try to minimize feral colonies as well as the stray overpopulation by utilizing a method called TNR (Trap, Neuter, Return as well as what we call TNA (Trap, Neuter, Assess). This allows us to slowly work on getting ALL adoptable cats and kittens out of the feral colony and into loving homes. For more information on TNR, please visit Alley Cat Allies.  This is a wonderful resource for helping cats in your neighborhood as well as feral colony management.

We are not a traditional shelter, so we don’t have a location or building for our rescues. All of our rescues are fostered in loving homes to help them adjust to a normal home life, not in cages. They are handled daily and given lots of love and companionship.  Generally we like to put animals in foster homes with other pets and children to try to ensure they are comfortable in many environments/homes.

We rescue many animals from  Marlton, Cherry Hill, Delran and many areas in South Jersey, primarily. As of November 2013, we are a New Jersey-based state certified non-profit, as well as a Federally recognized 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. We are no-kill animal rescue that relies on our wonderful foster parents to keep our animals safe and comfortable.

– Cindy Randall

“Randall’s Rescue compassionately cares for so many animals in need, and strives to give each and every one a chance at a life filled with the love and happiness they deserve.”

–  Laureen C

Featured on 6 Action News

We were featured on 6 Action New’s ‘Shelter Me’ section on August 3rd, 2013! Cecily Tynan interviewed Cindy and our dedicated volunteers to get an insight into what we do for our animals. Check out the video below, or head to the Shelter Me website for the full scoop.


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