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Good morning, good morning! Good morning sunny spot and warm bed.  Good morning food bowl and little toys.  Good morning cool breeze.  Good morning great big beautiful world.  My name is Kami, and I’m just a little baby girl- 6 months old in fact.  That’s only half a year!

Before I tell you about what a loving little quirky mushball I am, I’d like to share something with you that’s kind of hard for me to talk about- my past.  My story begins with my mommy, who was trapped when she was very pregnant with me and my bro, Kaze.  After we were born, she got very sick with an illness called Pyometra or PYO.  This is a really nasty infection of the uterus, and guess what?? It can be avoided when nice people spay and neuter their pets!  Can you believe that’s all it takes?? When our mommy got sick, our foster mama stepped up and gave us a home.  We were only two days old!  Kaze was my orange snuggle buddy, and I loved him very very much, but one day he got very sick.  The doctors said he had “hydrocephalus”.  That’s doctor speak for water on the brain.  One day Kaze went to the vet, and he never came home.  I know he’s in heaven where there’s unlimited treats and cat nip… but I still miss him.

I’m a survivor, though, despite these hardships, I’m now I’m the healthiest, heartiest, happiest little girl you’d ever want to know.  I’ve got my whole life ahead of me, and I’d love to share it with YOU!

Now to the good stuff!

With all I’ve been through in my short time in this world, I’ve learned what a miracle life is, and that you’ve gotta live it to the fullest.  You’ve got to play hard and love even harder, and that’s just what I do.  I’m the most playful little thing you’d ever wanna know!  I can often be found zipping around the house, and wrestling and snuggling with my pals- feline, canine, and human!  I am great with cats and dogs, and have many friends at my foster home who I’d love to be adopted with!  I’m a total lap kitty and would love to spend my days snuggling on your chest, purring in your ear and sticking my little wet nose in your face for kisses… but shake that treat jar and I’m outta there, flying at top speed to fetch some tasty snacks!

One last thing about little ol’ me?  You can see from the pictures that I’m kind of sort of the cutest little girl ever, but do you notice my whiskers?? They start out white and fade to black, giving the appearance that they’re really really teensy tiny…like me!

I’d love love love to be part of your family… to snuggle on your chest, purr in your ear, and share with you all the love I have in my tiny little heart.  Please consider taking me home!

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