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Hello and good day to you! My name is Paprika and I’d love to be your brand new polydactyl pal! Never heard of polydactyl? It means I have not five, but SIX sweet fuzzy toes on each of my feet! What could be better than that? Before I tell you a bit more about me, I’d like to take a moment to introduce my handsome orange bro, Sage… and guess what? He’s polydactyl too!

Paprika & Sage

Paprika & Sage


We are two of the sweetest cats you ever will meet (if I do say so myself), but we’ve had some bad luck in the past. A few years back we were adopted together by the loveliest human, but after two years of being the very best felines we could be, our human decided to move and leave us behind. We thought love was supposed to last forever… Luckily, our foster mama welcomed us back with open arms, and attended to all our needs until our next human came along. But guess what? Two days after taking us home she returned us to our foster. Our alleged crime? Stress shedding. Sometimes when cats are under tremendous stress, we lose our hair… in clumps! People do it too!  As soon as we went back to our foster, and to this very day, we hardly shed at all!  Anyway, the past is the past, and we are ready to find our forever forever humans.

I am a super loving gal with a spot on my lip that I’ve been told makes me look like Cindy Crawford! I absolutely thrive on attention, and enjoy snuggling, feeling the cool breeze on my face from the window sill, and expressing my affection through chirps instead of meows.

Sage is also extremely sweet and loving, but unlike me has a booming, manly meow, and doesn’t eat any wet food (crazy, I know!).

While we would LOVE to go to a forever home together, we are very independent felines, and would happily each go to our own forever home. FOREVER being the key word!

Please be the human to finally give us our happily ever afters. After all, we are PURRRRFECT!


Learn More & Apply to Adopt Paprika Learn More & Apply to Adopt Sage
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  • Casey owner of 6 perfect says:

    Hi Paprika,
    You are very beautiful and smart!! And Sage is do handsome ❤️ I am so sorry that some humans have let you both down, but I am sending love and good thoughts to you both all the way from California!!


  • roseangel444 says:

    Hi Paprika and Sage,
    I’m so sorry that your former humans let you down. My Tuxedo kitty Billy didn’t shed much but when he was stressed he’d hide in the closet. I moved from California to NJ 13+ years ago and transported my 3 babies via plane. No way was I leaving them behind. Sending you lots of love and hugs.

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