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Let’s get something out of the way — kittens are absolutely adorable. As far as babies go, you’ve got to give cats credit for producing some of the most truly and unbelievably adorable creatures out there. That uber soft fur, that new kitten smell, that tiny face with big wide eyes just brimming with curiosity. And let’s face it, there’s certainly no shortage of kittens, especially at our rescue. But just like their human counterparts, cat babies can be a little needy. And while those little furballs may need lots of attention, we’ve always got a strong roster full of totally laid back, low maintenance adults who aren’t about to apologize for just laying around and having a lazy Netflix Sunday afternoon by your side.

So with that said, here they are…

The Top Five Reasons to Adopt an Adult Cat

1. They’re not so needy.

I love cats, I do. And seriously I do work hard to give mine a better life. But I don’t always have the mental bandwidth to do much more than what i need to in a day, and I have a serious appreciation for a family member who knows when to step back, and let me do my thing. Good luck with that if you’ve only got babies around! Long day at the office? Fight with your significant other? Kitten doesn’t care. Kitten wants 120 minutes of the most intense laser pointer aerobic session you can offer, followed by a few intervals of belly rubs and finger biting, and then some treats. And after a quick nap, they may want to do it again…

2. They know what’s supposed to happen, where.

Aside from a cat with medical or behavioral issues of course, an adult cat knows what’s what. The litter box is where you pee and poop. Cover it up, nobody wants to see that. Got it. The food bowl is where you eat, the water bowl is where you drink. Go ahead, ask any kitten whether she’d rather have a nap — in that soft to the touch bed made from special organic, fair trade cotton that you got on Etsy, or in her litter box. I’m not saying the answer will always be exactly the same, but let’s just say cozy bedding isn’t always a priority for those feline newbies. And hey guys, the water bowl is not a tiny swimming pool, ok?

3. You know what you’re getting into.

When I adopted my cat Peaches at about ten years old, there weren’t really any surprises. Here’s what he eats, check. He’s super loving and purrs like a machine, check. He absolutely adores humans and can’t wait to be best friends, check and check. When I adopted my cat Allie at fourteen years old? Different expectations, but the same level of certainty. She’s quite shy, check. She will hide out a while under the bed, check. She loves to eat, and eventually the food will make her love you to pieces, check and check. See how easy that is? Their foster has taken the time to learn their habits, and can easily relay them to you, making it so easy to find cats that will be the perfect fit for your family.

4. Because they’re often overlooked — and BTW — kittens are going to become adult cats eventually anyway.

You’re a true and real animal lover, and that’s why you’re looking to adopt in the first place. You don’t just want a cat, you want to save life. And for small rescue groups that rely on fosters especially, the faster animals can be adopted into awesome homes, the more new lives we can save. A foster may be able to take on many kittens in a litter at once, but can only provide space for so many adult cats before they reach Cat Lady Level 17, the Final Frontier. So when you take one or two awesome grown up kitties off their hands, they can fill their spots back up with one or two more who may be waiting it out on the streets or in the shelter. And btw, I’m not knocking kittens, but remember, in a few short months they’ll be all grown up, too.

Moon & Equinox

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5. And finally —  because they deserve a family, they deserve a home, and they’ll reward your generosity with all the love you could ever ask for.

Gratitude, they’ve got it. Adult cats for adoption may have been dumped on the streets. Or maybe they were ferals who have now been socialized. Possibly they were saved from a death sentence at the kill shelter. Maybe they’ve been passed from home to home by irresponsible humans who look at pets more as toys and hobbies, than family. Or maybe the human they loved forever has passed away, and they need to move on and keep going. Whatever the case is, these loving, amazing, and perfect animals are completely capable of providing you lots of laughs, and with the unconditional furry companionship you crave.

If you’ve been thinking of adopting — or even if you haven’t — get inspired to save a life! Check out all of the sweet, kind, funny, crazy, curious, cuddly, amazing adult cats we currently have waiting in foster homes for their perfect someones to come along.

But that running around the house after they poop thing? That has no age restrictions.

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