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In Memory of Kaitlyn O'Hara

Our friend and Foster Kaitlyn O’Hara passed away Wednesday night, February 3, 2021 while trying to save another lost soul – something that came naturally to her.

I met Kaitlyn many years ago when she started fostering for us. She was one of the most kind, compassionate, quirky, fun loving, humorously neurotic, sweetest girls I’ve ever met. She had so much life to live 😞😭

She took on so many animals over the years that no one else would – bottle babies, old grumpy kitties like Eloise whom she adored (and the feeling was mutual), kittens with broken legs, the defeated and sickly – but her favorite and possibly best work was with the shy, timid and feral. She adored the feral babies from our orchard project and was truly our kitty whisperer❤️. I told her many times she was our magical Lion tamer – she had the patience of a saint for those kittens and loved her “mittens”, “peanut butter cups” and “little men” (as she called them) so much . She has such a kind gentle nature and would reach right in for them without hesitation – she provided a sense of calmness and constant love that gave them a new outlook not only on humans, but on life. She was a true feral friend and advocate – loving them until they were social, friendly and ready for a home of their own.

She worked at UPenn Vet , has worked at other vet offices and has even gone to other countries with no means for spay/neuter/medical care and helped with vet clinics. Selflessly beautiful, inside and out.

There will surely be a huge void and such a loss for all of us especially animals in need – it was Kaitlyn’s compassion and enormous heart that took her from us in the end.

Life is precious, not a guarantee . Make every day count. Please be the change you want to see in this world!!! Make today count!!

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"They Called Kaitlyn O'Hara a Cat Whisperer"

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