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For 8 days this September, let's honor the life and inspiring legacy of Kaitlyn O’Hara!

Join Randall's Rescue in exploring a vegan lifestyle for eight days in September!

Join the #PlantBased8ForKait Facebook Group!

In our private community, we’ll be sharing ideas, recipes, local vegan spots, discounts on plant-based products, motivation, memories, (probably a few cute cats) and so much more! It’s how we’ll join forces and do something great, together!

Small Actions Create Big Impact!

By choosing plant-based meals and learning more about a vegan lifestyle in this short time, we’ll be emulating the choices Kaitlyn made because of her love of animals. We’ll be helping to make the world a kinder place, while taking care of our own health and environment!

for the Environment

for the Animals

for Our Health

and of course, for Kaitlyn.

Get Ready by Ordering a #PlantBased8ForKait Vegan Bites Box, Launching Soon!

Volunteers are busy curating fun, delicious, healthy, 100% vegan boxes now!

Picture of a Box with Plant Based 8 For Kait Vegan Box Sticker
  • At least 10-15 delicious plant based snacks to try
  • Surprise Randall’s Rescue Items
  • Discounts for plant-based and vegan products & services

Any profits generated from the sale of these boxes will be used in Kaitlyn’s memory, to help fund medical and routine care for our many rescue animals. Most of all, we want to introduce you to delicious, easy, and affordable vegan snacks and foods 🙂